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My Bachelor's degree from Brown University and Master's degree from Hunter College of the City University of New York are both in English, and I taught writing and literature on the secondary and college levels for 33 years. In 2004 I also began working as a college guidance counselor at The Frisch School in Paramus, NJ.

Both at Frisch and as an independent consultant since 2008, I have assisted students in obtaining admission to a wide variety of schools, ranging from the nation's most selective colleges and universities to those best suited to students with specialized interests and needs.

I regularly attend meetings and workshops to keep abreast of trends in college admissions, and I make daily use of multiple computer list-serves where professionals share information about schools and programs. I also meet frequently with admissions officers and visit twenty or more colleges each year so that I can provide first-hand information about their programs, campus life, facilities, and cultures.

To better assist those of my clients with learning differences, I work to understand the exact nature of their specific needs as well as to assess the accommodations and special programs that various colleges provide. I have attended workshops on college related issues for students with various types of learning differences, and I have also spoken directly with people in charge of the support services on numerous campuses.

I believe that my background as a teacher of writing makes me especially adept at helping students with their application essays. Over the years I have guided hundreds of young people to produce compelling, high quality writing in their own voices. The process of helping students prepare their applications entails getting to know them intimately through conversation and brainstorming in order that I may guide the content as well as assist with the editing.

I love working with young people and have a gentle touch; it is important to me that my students not only produce the finest applications they can, but also that they feel good about both the process and their products.