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One-on-one private counseling


For Freshman and Sophomores:

  • I will meet with you at the conclusion of each marking period to discuss how you are doing in school both in terms of your academic work and in terms of your co-curricular, extra-curricular, and summer activities.
  • We will discuss how to optimize your strengths as well as what you can do to address any difficulties you may be encountering.
  • I will also advise you on course selection and standardized testing options when it is time for you to make decisions with regard to those.

For Juniors:

  • We will meet at least twice in the fall and three to four times in the spring to continue reviewing your progress in school and out and to discuss ways to further cultivate your strengths and eliminate or compensate for any potential weaknesses as a college applicant.
  • We will discuss preparation for and results on PSAT, SAT, SAT Subject Tests and/or ACT exams.
  • We will work together to figure out the characteristics of the colleges that would suit you best, and I will help you come up with a list of colleges you may begin to investigate.
  • I will prepare you for college visitations, discussing with you what you should look for and ask, and I will debrief you after each visitation to help you refine your thinking about what you did and did not like and why. Your responses will help me prepare with you the list of schools to which you will ultimately apply.

For Seniors:

  • We will meet as frequently as you need, and (as always) you can call me or e-mail me with questions as frequently as you wish, and I guarantee a prompt response.
  • I will advise you on SATs and ACTs that you can still take in the fall.
  • If any gaps remain in your profile, I will advise you on steps you can still take to remedy them (for example, community service projects you might undertake or places you might have your writing published).
  • We will put together a final list of schools, giving careful consideration to early decision and early action options.
  • As you begin to prepare the applications, I will be available to assist you every step of the way. I will help you brainstorm ideas for the personal statement and short essays, and I will read multiple drafts and give you tips regarding content and structure as well as help with the mechanics of the writing.
  • I will never write an essay for you, but I will assist you in writing essays and paragraphs that come across as authentic, original and appealing; in other words, I will help you to find your own voice and convey yourself on paper in a way that will capture the attention of even the most overburdened college admissions officers.
  • I will assist you in preparing a resume and/or a chart of your activities.
  • We will discuss who might write you the best recommendations.
  • I will keep you posted on all deadlines so that you will be ready to meet them without undue stress.
  • We will do practice interviews before you have any actual interviews so that you will be ready for some of the most commonly asked questions and will know how to present yourself in the best possible light.
  • If you receive more than one admission, I will help you figure out which one to accept.
  • I will provide emotional support and a sense of perspective throughout the entire process, which ideally should be an exciting opportunity to begin to chart the course of your future.