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One-on-one private counseling

When We Start

There is no one time that a student working with Comprehensive College Counseling must begin. Some start as early as the freshman or sophomore year of high school, many during the junior year, others in the summer before or even the fall of their senior year.

When We Start It is generally not necessary to meet with younger students more than a few times a year, but the advantage of beginning early is that I can guide them regarding course selection and extra-curricular and summer activities. The last thing I want to do is to make younger students anxious about college or give them the idea that everything they do in high school is geared toward college admission. On the contrary, I want to help them make the most of their high school years so that they can begin to discover their talents, pursue their interests, and take advantage of many wonderful opportunities that might not have known of or considered.

Senior year and sometimes the summer beforehand are the busiest time for most students because that is when they must finalize their college list and prepare their applications. Since it is imperative that they acquire first-hand knowledge of a school by visiting it and maybe even sitting in on a few classes and staying overnight in a dormitory before deciding to attend, it is generally helpful for students to begin developing a list of schools under consideration prior to senior year. Visiting a few places during the junior year can help students figure out what they like and what they donít like. I use a questionnaire to help them assess what features will make a school a good fit for them, but campus visits nonetheless remain extremely helpful in the decision-making process.

Some clients opt to hire me for help with their application essays only. I am generally available to work on this type of limited basis as well.